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San Diego Kitchen Renovation Contractors have witnessed the ever-changing trends in bathroom remodelling. And they have jointly acknowledged today is all about comfort, luxury, and class.

Homeowners of San Diego are elevating their bathroom spaces to their personal oasis. Many homeowners’ remodelling wish lists include bathrooms, with a popular trend being to change the master bathroom into a lovely, tranquil, spa-inspired sanctuary.

Those of us who have visited spas before are aware of how a well-designed spa may reduce blood pressure and produce a sense of serenity and relaxation.

But how can you turn your bathroom into a spa retreat?

Here is a compiled list of features, materials, and amenities to consider as you plan your ultimate spa-like bathroom renovation:

An Open Space Plan: Regardless of the area occupied by the bathroom, an open plan allows increased functionality and adds a curated quality to the area, so eliminating a wall or extending square footage is a smart first step toward achieving the sense of a spa.
Additional techniques in bathroom remodeling to achieve an open, airy atmosphere include floating the vanity and toilet off the floor and installing unbounded showers.

Layered Lighting: If you envision to create a relaxing atmosphere, good lighting is non-negotiable. When planning your bathroom redesign, keep all sources of illumination in mind. Grooming during a bathroom remodeling requires using reflective sources of mirror sconces and overhead down lighting.
Dimmer switches and under-cabinet lighting serve to create a relaxing atmosphere, while a statement lighting piece like a chandelier or modern ornamental light fixture can complete the look. Furthermore, nothing beats natural light, so if possible, widening existing windows, adding more windows, or even putting a skylight would be fantastic!

Clean and Symmetrical Lines: An elegant spa like oasis is known for its clean lines and minimal clutter, and there are several ways to incorporate these concepts into your oasis like bathroom redesign.
Combining both open and closed storage in your new bathroom remodeling will allow you to keep personal goods private while displaying luxury spa supplies like soaps, salt soaks, and attractive lotion jars. Open storage can also be employed to provide quick access to the enormous, fluffy towels that spas are famous for.

Use Earthly Tones for a Naturally Warm Ambiance: Many spas use muted earth tones and natural features like river rock, cedar, and bamboo to create a Zen atmosphere.
Of course, to each it’s own, everyone has their design preferences and inclinations, so you’ll have to select what works the best in relaxing you.
For some, a clean, modern, all-white bathroom may suffice; for others, a space with a variety of colours and textures will suffice.

Don’t shy away from amenities: A feature-filled shower with steam, aromatherapy, twin hand-held heads, and a rain shower, or an expansive soaking tub with a calming water feature, screams the heavenly “spa”.
You can also bring the spa feel into your new bathroom include an integrated sound system that plays calming spa sounds, built-in candle niches, and heated towel racks, to name a few.

San Diego Home Remodeling Solutions have been acing bathroom remodeling game over more than thirty years. Contact them today for expert consultation.