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Essential Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanities

Between the single or double sink units, suspended or on legs, and the multiple styles of sink units that exist, it is not always easy to navigate. However, it is essential to choose the right Bathroom Vanities to fit perfectly into your water feature in terms of size and aesthetics. The sink cabinet must also be practical and easy to use to best adapt to individual needs. We give you all its advice to choose the right Bathroom Vanities.

Choose the size of your bathroom vanity.

It is essential to choose a vanity unit adapted to the size of your bathroom. A simple vanity will be one of the excellent Bathroom Remodeling Ideas. We will choose a cabinet with drawers rather than shelves because they allow easier access to the bottom of the cabinet and therefore better optimize the space. The ideal will be to opt for a compact, shallow unit so that you can easily open the drawers and move around the room. In a small bathroom, it is also advisable to use the ceiling height as much as possible to not waste too much floor space. Thus, in addition to the single sink cabinet, we will choose a high bathroom cabinet, a storage column, for example.

Choose the style of your bathroom Vanities.

There are as many styles of vanity units as there are styles of bathrooms. Natural, contemporary, classic, or rustic, your washbasin cabinet must fit perfectly into the design of your water feature. For a contemporary bathroom, opt for a washbasin cabinet with graphic and clean lines. For a warmer style, go for rounded curves and soft angles. The material of your furniture will also determine the style of your bathroom. For a Scandinavian style, choose a material that imitates wood, MDF, for example. For big budgets, solid wood will give a resolutely rustic style to your bathroom. And why not let yourself be tempted by the originality of a bathroom cabinet with integrated LEDs?

Choosing ergonomic Bathroom Vanities

The vanity unit is used several times a day. It is therefore essential to be able to use it easily. The bathroom vanities must also offer functional storage for easy access to daily toiletries. To optimize storage space, opt for sets. They will offer you multiple storage solutions adapted to your various toiletries.

Add the Finishing Touches.

There are a few additional features you can choose from to enhance the look and functionality of your vanity, including faucets, which are sold separately.

You can install a bathroom mirror on the wall above the vanity for vanities in boys’ bathrooms. In busy bathrooms, a mirrored shaving cabinet offers more storage space. It can be recessed into the wall for a more contemporary look.

Think About the Plumbing

Replacing an existing vanity is easier if you choose a vanity that will fit into your existing plumbing, limiting your options. If you are building a new bathroom, choose your vanity and other bathroom items at the design stage to ensure you get the proper plumbing in the right areas.

We recommend speaking with a licensed plumber before purchasing any plumbing items to ensure you are getting the correct products appropriately installed.

Final Words

The right bathroom vanity can create a great design feature and give you more space and functionality. Here were the simple steps to help you choose the suitable bathroom vanity unit for your bathroom and budget.

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